Prototype presentation at the IEEE EDOC demonstrations track

The prototype of the FFG KIRAS Project has been demonstrated and published in a paper in the demonstrations track of the 20th IEEE Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC).

The paper “A versatile, secure and privacy-aware tool for online participation” (Maria Leitner, Arndt Bonitz, Bernd Herzog, Walter Hötzendorfer, Christian Kenngott, Thomas Kuhta, Oliver Terbu, Stefan Vogl, Sebastian Zehetbauer) will appear in the EDOC demo track proceedings soon (see the publications page for further information).

Abstract: Online participations are gaining more momentum in recent years. Different tools for participation exist; however, often they support only one level of participation such as information, consultation or cooperation. What is missing so far is a secure and flexible tool that can be used for multiple purposes. In this paper, we propose an application that supports multiple levels of participation for participation procedures. Furthermore, privacy and security by design were incorporated into the software engineering process in order to make security and privacy top priorities from the beginning. In particular, the authentication of participants was a core concern in the implementation. In order to enable a low threshold for participation, we decided to offer the use of various electronic identities (eIDs) to the participants (e.g., by social eIDs or state-based eIDs). With this tool, we expect to increase the trust between operators and participants in online participations.