Publication at CoopIS 2023

The  International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS) 2023 took place on October 30 – November 3, 2023 in Groningen, The Netherlands. Together with N. Rudolf and K. Böhmer, we co-authored the paper “BAnDIT: Business Process Anomaly Detection in Transactions”.

BAnDIT: Business Process Anomaly Detection in Transactions

Abstract: Business process anomaly detection enables the prevention of misuse and failures. Existing approaches focus on detecting anomalies in control, temporal, and resource behavior of individual instances, neglecting the communication of multiple instances in choreographies. Consequently, anomaly detection capabilities are limited. This study presents a novel neural network-based approach to detect anomalies in distributed business processes. Unlike existing methods, our solution considers message data exchanged during process transactions. Allowing the generation of detection profiles incorporating the relationship between multiple instances, related services, and exchanged data to detect point and contextual anomalies during process runtime. To validate the proposed solution, it is demonstrated with a prototype implementation and validated with a use case from the ecommerce domain. Future work aims to further improve the deep learning approach, to enhance detection performance.