Article in Journal of Information Warfare

We were invited to submit an extended version of the conference paper the ECCWS to the Journal of Information Warfare. This article has been published in volume 16, issue 4 (see journal).

Preparation, Modelling, and Visualisation of Cyber Common Operating Pictures for National Cyber Security Centres

Abstract: Common Operating Pictures (COPs) have long been a common denominator of effective cyber defence operations (for example, in law enforcement and the military). COPs are widely used to represent, visualise, and assess situations. In recent years, Cyber COPs (CCOPs) have become important in establishing cyber situational awareness. This paper describes the information types and sources required for an efficient information management process supporting CCOPs. Following an initial description of CCOPs, the paper next discusses potential decisions supported by them. Finally, it provides an example of the entire process—from the application of the information management process to national decision-making.